Who is Miss Minnie?

My name is Minnie and I am MISS MINNIE’S BOUTIQUE.

My gorgeous little boutique is in Sawtell, which is in a beautiful part of the country on the east coast of Australia, halfway between Sydney and Brisbane and I have been very lucky to have lived in the area for most of my life.

I decided to open my own boutique six years ago after working for a few other fashion boutique owners, so I thought it was about time to do my own thing.

I simply love the lifestyle here and I am fortunate enough in the fact that my boutique is only one street back from the beach. So it’s not unusual for me to often have sand on the floor and I have even had 3 crabs at different times in my store!

It's the lifestyle of being so close to the beach, but also being surrounded by the beautiful fig trees that adorne our streets, that makes the change of seasons worth talking about when it comes to fashion.

A lifestyle that is laidback just enough, to allow you to find exactly what you want for relaxed, comfy, yet smart dressing, just waiting for you for the change of season.

What Have We Got For You?

We stock fashion, accessories AND footwear from some of Australia’s best known labels, but did you know that we also have menswear and men’s footwear too?

There’s a great saying that I love, “women buy because they want to, men buy because they have to”. It might not be true, but if you’re a guy or if you are buying for a guy, Miss Minnie’s has you covered.