Why I own 11 pairs of Rollies!

Miss Minnie’s stocks some wonderful shoe labels and one of the labels that we stock is Rollie Nation.

If you’ve never tried on a Rollie shoe, do yourself a favour and go try a pair.

I’ve never worn something so comfortable in my life! 

I actually own 11 pairs, and I know that sounds ridiculous, but I work every day and these are great to work in because they’re great support for your feet, they are very light and they are also so cute to look at!

Rollies weigh only 365g, so that’s why they call them the travel shoe, because they’re so light they are great for travelling. 

Pack a pair, wear a pair!

I always take two pairs when travelling, one for the plane and one for inside my luggage! They come in all sorts of styles and colours, which makes it hard to stop at just buying one pair!

Pinks, blues, silvers, spots, animal prints, punch hole leather, suede, sandals, mules and the list goes on!!!!

Rollies are a definite winner so check out our range or browse all our amazing shoes instore.