Last of our Winter

So, Spring is almost here, and yet I feel just as cold as I did a month ago!!! 

So many people tell me that they don’t like to purchase a lot of pieces for Winter here in Sawtell, as it is such a short period of time that we are cold.  Does that mean that even though it’s only an approximate 3 months that it’s cold, you have to walk around and look like a dag?  I think not!!!!

Winter fashion is just as beautiful as Summer fashion is, if not, sometimes a bit nicer, as the fabrics are more pleasing to the touch, a bit more fluffy!!  

At my boutique, Miss Minnie’s, we pride ourselves on selecting stunning, reasonably priced styles for our clientele, whether it be for Winter or Summer.  To prove that, we have sold quite an extensive amount of Winter stock this year, even though we have been going through such an awful period in ALL our lives across the world, women and men have been purchasing some great fashions from our boutique.

Which brings me to my next point, being that even though we still have a few pieces left in our Winter range, and it is still a bit cold, our Spring/Summer range is on it’s way as we speak!

Spring/Summer this year is certainly going to be a different one than any of us anywhere have ever experienced before, and we hope that you will visit our boutique, (whether in person or online), to see our stunning selections.

The fabulous linens, cottons, bamboos etc. will be welcomed as enthusiastically as they always are, and the colours for this coming Spring/Summer are divine, to say the least!  We have floral, cyan, natural, white, sable, blue, pink, teal, bubblegum, salt, wheat, palm print and black, just to name a few!

Last, but not least, I hope that everybody rides out the rest of the Winter with minor hiccups, and let’s look forward to Spring/Summer 2020 and hopefully a definite upwards path!!!