“Baby’s Back, Dressed in Black”

This is a line in a song by The Who, and I’ve always sung it to myself when I’ve been asked (in my years within the rag trade) if it “comes in black” or is there “another colour other than black”, LOL!

I, personally, love wearing black and I have every piece of clothing and shoes in multiple styles, designs and fabrics, in the colour black.

I always feel so good when I’m wearing black and the colour has so many attributes. To name a few:

*Black never dates
*Black is slimming
*Black is easy to match with
*Black can take you from day to night effortlessly
*Black suits EVERYBODY

Over the years, I’ve had numerous customers say that the colour black doesn’t suit them, but I really have to disagree. When you are wearing, for example, mustard, pink, red and a few other colours, I understand how these cannot suit your specific skin tone or hair colour, but I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a redhead, brunette, auburn or blonde that hasn’t suited black. And if your skin is fair, freckled, olive or dark, black is a perfect match for you.

I wear black to work at least twice a week in different styles and formations and always feel smart and stylish. The colour black is also a great “canvas”. Meaning, that you can put on a plain black dress or a black top with black pants or skirt, and then accessorise with kimonos, wraps, cardigans, jackets or jewellery to lift the outfit to a whole new level. Remembering that your starting point of a black “canvas” was the ultimate beginning of an outstanding ensemble, making the colour black a vital colour to have in your wardrobe!